• Admissions

    Venture University offers an Investment Apprenticeship and Academic Programs.
    Admissions is open to angel investors, family offices, first time fund managers, entrepreneurs, undergraduate & graduate students, and experienced professionals, with a preference for those that have evidence of extraordinary abilities and a track record of exceptional achievement
    Venture University seeks candidates who have a strong level of intellectual curiosity, a passion for innovation, are contrarian thinkers, and have a desire to work with and invest in disruptive companies that are changing industries and building the future
    Examples of Qualified Candidates Include:
    Individuals who have gone against the odds with spectacular success and/or failure, created something from nothing, executed something to a large scale with limited resources in a short period of time, uncovered and leveraged secrets within market dynamics, acted in creative ways and built solutions to hard problems

    Individuals looking to learn and pursue potential careers in venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, asset management, investment banking, consulting, an innovative startup, a growth stage company, or starting their own company


    Experienced professionals looking for an alternative or compliment to an MBA program, a path to make a career change, or a way to advance their career in the world of startups, corporate business development and innovation, investment banking, consulting, venture capital, corporate VC, and private equity


    Individuals looking to professionalize their angel investing or investing for a family wealth office, starting their own VC/PE fund, or doing fund-of-funds


    Individuals with 1-3+ yrs of investment banking and/or consulting experience

    Individuals that have graduated from top tier undergraduate and/or graduate programs

  • Admissions Process

    1. Request An Application:
    Candidates interested in being considered for admittance into Venture University's Investment Apprenticeship Program & Academic Programs in San Francisco must first apply on LinkedIn:
    For candidates interested in attending Venture University's Academic Program: Inside The Mind Of A VC Masterclass in various cities, please go to the Apply page to view the sessions happening across the country.

    2. Receive & Complete Application: 

    Venture University's admissions team reviews all submissions on LinkedIn for the Investment Apprenticeship Program and then selects candidates to be sent an application with a few questions to learn more about them and see if they would be a good fit for the program.
    • Note: Due to the large volume of requests for applications we receive, and our selection criteria, not all individuals that apply on LinkedIn will receive an application.
    3. Interviews:
    Once a candidate's application is reviewed, Venture University's Admissions team will select candidates to interview to learn even more about them and answer any questions they have about the Investment Apprenticeship & Academic Programs.
    4. Acceptance & Enrollment:
    Venture University has a rolling admission's process for the Investment Apprenticeship Program, so it is recommended that you apply as early as possible. During the application process candidates can apply to one or more program periods (Spring, Summer, Fall) and programs (The Investment Apprenticeship and/or Academic Programs). If candidates are accepted into one of Venture University's programs, they will receive an acceptance letter offering enrollment into the program, and candidates can then enroll in the program and reserve their spot.

  • "Price Is What You Pay. Value Is What You Get."

    Warren Buffett

  • Greater Value For The Cost Of Tuition

    Venture University Enables Students "To Build Equity In Their Education"!

    The Great Filter: Top academic institutions and top employers act as a great filter for identifying individuals out of the general population for future career opportunities. Similarly, and to an even greater extent as a trade school, Venture University provides a more focused filter for heads of talent and recruiters to meet with individuals in our program which represent the top 1-3% of candidates (more competitive than the top Ivy League schools and MBA programs) who are looking to get into VC, PE, top startups, and large innovative corporations.


    Individuals that graduate from Venture University's come out with the relevant investment experience, academic knowledge, and a deep network within the industry that differentiates them from the large volume of other candidates that apply for these highly competitive positions.


    High Quality Investment Experience: Guaranteed real world investment experience as a VC/PE investor at Venture University's investment fund. You'll be part of the investment team, doing all of the daily functions of a VC/PE investor, not useless busy work. We literally don't have any busy work for you to do other than the actual role of a VC/PE investor. Welcome to the real world!


    Career Opportunities: Increase your ability to get into venture capital, private equity, hedge funds, asset management, successfully start your own company, or work at a startup, innovative corporation, investment bank, or consulting group


    Broad Skill Set: Build a broad set of skills including strategic networking, financial modeling, company evaluation, market landscape analysis, understanding term sheets, investment negotiation, and supporting the growth of a company from human capital, increasing revenues, and investment capital


    Useful Academic Coursework: Learn applicable finance, strategy, and investing skills usually not available to under grad and business school students, and that are mainly only taught on the job


    Financial Upside: Individuals within the Investment Apprenticeship Program receive a Profit Sharing Agreement tied to the future performance of the investments made during the program, enabling individuals to receive back some, all, or potentially more than the amount of their total tuition*


    Time Efficient: 

    • Flexibility: Venture University's program happens three times during the year: Summer (11 Weeks), Fall (12 Weeks), Spring (15 Weeks), and offers a Full-Time (5 Days per Week) and Part-Time (Some Week Days, Nights, Weekends) option.  
    • 1-3 Sessions: Individuals can choose to do the Investment Apprenticeship Program for 1-3 sessions (3 months to 1 yr) to immerse themselves into being a VC/PE investor and increase their overall investment experience

    Capital Efficient: 

    • Lower Cost: Venture University's tuition is $15K-$20K per session, a much lower cost to the cost of a private university or MBA's tuition, which averages $25K-$40K per semester or ~$200K for a 4 year undergraduate or ~$150K for a 2 year MBA education. Individuals can choose to do: 1 Session (~3-4 months) = $15K-$20K, 2 Sessions (8 months): $30K-$45K, 3 Sessions (1 year): $45K-$50K.

    Receive College Credit: If individuals are current students they may be able to receive college credit for participating in Venture University's Investment Apprenticeship Program via internship credit

  • Tuition

    Option 1: Investment Apprenticeship & Academic Program: $20,000

    • Designed for Individuals participating in their first session at Venture University
    • Includes the Investment Apprenticeship Program and both Academic Programs below
    • Provides a $3,500 savings compared to doing the Investment Apprenticeship Program ($15,000) and the Academic Programs ($8,500) separately

    Option 2: Investment Apprenticeship Program: $15,000

    • Designed for Individuals participating in their second or third session at Venture University
    • If an Individuals has relevant investment experience and strong VC/PE industry knowledge from previously taking a VC/PE course, such as Venture University’s Inside The Mind Of A VC Masterclass, they can then choose to do this program option
    • Investment Apprenticeship Program:
      • Join Venture University's investment fund team as a VC/PE investor, Mon-Fri, ~9am-5pm
      • Source investment opportunities, meet with companies and investors, conduct due diligence, make investment recommendations, participate on investment committees, and help strategically support the portfolio companies
      • Lunch Time Speaker Series: Includes investors, founders, and industry experts
      • Venture University contributes $100K-$300K to an investment fund per cohort which is combined with additional capital from accredited investors
      • Individuals that participate in and complete the Investment Apprenticeship Program are offered a Profit Sharing Agreement for their efforts and share in the profits from the investments made*
      • To see an example of the potential financial upside and how the Profit Sharing Agreement works, go to "Apprenticeship Program" in the navigation above and scroll down to see the Financial Upside: Examples

    Option 3: Academic Programs: Individuals can choose 1-2 Academic Programs below

    • Inside the Mind of a VC Investor Masterclass: $4,250
      • One week, Mon-Fri, ~9am-5pm, academic intensive investment bootcamp
    • Academic Modules: $4,250
      • ​~1-2 Modules per Week, mainly at night (1-4 hrs each, 6:30pm-10:30pm)
      • Topics include Angel Investing, Venture Capital & Private Equity, and Entrepreneurship - Seed to Growth

    Housing, Transportation, Food: Not included in tuition. Tuition for the Investment Apprenticeship Program however does include 1-2 planned activities each week, which may or may not include food.