• Investment Fund

    Initial Investment: $20K-$1M+

    Follow-on Investment: Up to $15M

    Investment Range

    Pre-Seed, Seed, Series A, Series B, & Series C Rounds

    Stage Agnostic

    3-6 Industry Focuses Every 4 Months: Each cohort develops their own investment thesis's within categories such as Consumer, Enterprise, Marketplaces, Big Data, and Robotics

    Industry Agnostic

    Venture University mainly Co-Invests in Initial Rounds & May Lead Future Follow-on Rounds

    Initial Co-Investor --> Future Lead Investor

    Gain Access & Support From Venture University's Top Tier Investment Team, Including Former Managing Directors & Partners At Leading VC / PE Funds, & Emerging Top Angels, VC, & PE Investors

    Access & Support

    Leverage A Large Investment Team (15-35 Investors per Cohort) & Alumni Network (Growing at ~75 Investors per Year) To Get Introductions to Potential Clients, Partners, Investors, Employees, Advisers, Acquirers, etc.

    Large & Powerful Network

    Venture University uses the "Lean VC Approach", taking the same advice given to startups by being capital and time efficient, not getting fat on mgmt. fees, and sharing the economic upside with investors on the team*

    Lean VC Approach

    Venture University's Innovative Investment Fund Model Enables A Large Investment Team To Cover Markets Broader, Deeper, & Faster Than A Typical Fund, Creating Greater Portfolio Diversification & Support, & Operated More Cost Efficiently

    Greater Value to Portfolio Co's & LPs

    San Francisco / Silicon Valley

    Launching in NYC Summer of 2019