• The Investor Life

    Every Day You'll Be Doing Taking On The Role Of A VC/PE Investor, Welcome To The Real World! It's Challenging & More Fun. Note: If you are intelligent, have a "Type A" personality, and a hustler, then this is the best job ever!
    No Busy Work! Translation: No getting coffee for anyone other than yourself (unless you want to be nice!), no late nights formatting & making edits to presentations (feel bad for your banker and consulting friends), no meaningless work pushing papers or filling out forms! Be A Boss!
    No Suits & Ties Necessary (Unless That's What You're Into)!
    You're A Real VC/PE Investor Now, Look Like One! Jeans & Hoodies Are Acceptable.
    Source Investment Opportunities, Review Startup Pitch Decks, Meet With Companies & Investors, Conduct Due Diligence, Present Company Evaluations & Investment Recommendations, And Participate On Investment Committees
    Network With Innovative Startups, Investors, Advisors,
    & Co-Invest With Top Tier Investors And High Profile Founders
    Make $20K-$1M+ Investments In Companies
    & Benefit From The Financial Upside!

  • The Student Life

    Join A Group Of Peers With Impressive Backgrounds & Experiences


    Immerse Yourself In The World Of Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Entrepreneurship

    Learn From High Profile Investors, Startup Founders, Top Industry Experts & Academic Professors


    Gain A Skill Set That Can Give You The Advantage For Working At A VC or PE Investment Fund, Hedge Fund, Asset Management Group, Investment Bank, Consulting Group, Innovative Startup or Growth Stage Company, Or Starting Your Own Company

  • Live in San Francisco

    Current live in or around San Francisco? Always wanted to live there?
    Housing options are provided if needed, however it's the individuals responsibility to secure their own housing situation
    In order to participate in the Investment Apprenticeship Program, individuals are required to live in or near San Francisco during their program period