• Academic Program Overview

    Learn Critical Skills & Insights From Leading Investors, Entrepreneurs, & Industry Professionals


    Angel Investors, Family Offices, First Time Fund Managers, Entrepreneurs, Undergrad & Grad Students, Working Professionals, & Extraordinary Individuals.

    Program Participants

    • Inside The Mind Of A VC Investor Masterclass (One Week Academic Intensive Investment Bootcamp)

    • Academic Modules: Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Entrepreneurship: Seed To Growth


    • ~1-2 Modules per Week (Modules Are 1-4 hrs, Mainly Taught At Night)

    Summer = 11 Weeks (Jun-Aug)

    Fall = 12 Weeks (Sept-Dec)

    Spring = 15 Weeks (Jan-Apr)

    Schedule & Program Periods

    Limited To 35 Individuals

    Class Size

    Available in Multiple Cities: San Francisco, Chicago, Austin


  • Academic Curriculum & Schedule

    Inside The Mind Of A VC Investor Masterclass (Schedule: 1st week of each program, five full days, Mon-Fri, ~9am-5pm)


    This is a one week academic intensive investment course taught by the management team at Venture University


    This course covers everything from the basics to an advanced understanding of all aspects of venture capital, with many case studies and group discussions



    Academic Modules (Schedule: ~1-2 modules per week, mainly at night, 1-4 hrs each)


    Topics include Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurship: Seed to Growth


    Each module is taught by leading investors, industry experts, academic professors, startup founders, and leaders in growth stage and large innovative corporations. Modules are customized per program.

  • Investment Modules
    (1-4 hrs per Module)

    Module Examples / Customized per Program:


    How to Raise A VC/PE Investment Fund & Pitch LPs


    Legal Investment Fund Formation


    Investment Fund Strategy & Portfolio Theory


    How to Deal Source Quality & Proprietary Investment Opportunities


    Market Analysis: Sizing A Market & Competitive Landscape (Direct & Indirect Competition), Competitive Advantages (Unfair & Sustainable Moats)


    Understanding Various Business Models & Financial Modeling Analysis


    Corporate Venture Capital & Innovation


    Angel Investing


    Venture Capital Investing


    • Growth Equity Investing


    • Real Estate Private Equity


    How to Evaluate Companies & Teams: Reviewing Investor Pitch Decks -> Active Deep Due Diligence


    Term Sheets (Preferred Equity vs. Convertible Notes), Terms, & Negotiations, Investment Documents & Corporate Legal Documents


    How to Help Portfolio Companies Grow


    Capitalization (Senior Debt, Preferred Equity, Common Equity) & Waterfall Analysis


    Exits: Aligning An Exit, Exit Multiples, M&A, IPOs​​