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  • Cohort 22's Investments

    Telehealth For Dementia

  • Cohort 21's Investments

    Bringing Books To The Blockchain

    3D Printing Organs & Tissue

    Renting Infrastructure & Real Estate In Space

  • Cohort 20's Investments

    The Super App For Africa - Transportation, Delivery, Financial Services, & Ecommerce

    Smart Patch For Tracking An Individual's Molecular Biology In Real-Time

    B2B Marketplace For Retailers & Distributors

  • Cohort 14's Investments

    The "Uber" For Space, Moving Space Objects From Point A to Point B

    New Propulsion Technology Using Oxygen To Stay In Ultra-Low Earth Orbit

  • Cohort 13's Investments

    A Platform For “Finfluencers” To Engage With & Monetize Their Followers

    Mobile Ordering & Payments solution for Restaurants & Venues

    Branded Network Of Fertility Centers & DNA/Diagnostic Labs

    Automated Payroll For Latin America


    Automated AI Platform For Planning, Scheduling, Workforce And Human Capital Management Needs

    .White Labeled NFT Marketplace

    For Brands, To Engage With Customers

    Creating Structured Meat Products
    Made From Plants & Animal Cells

  • Cohort 12's Investments

    All-Electric Propulsion Plane For Coastal Routes

    India’s Largest Tech Platform For Retailers To Sell Consumer Electronics & Appliances

    Revenue-Based Financing For Ecommerce Companies

    Branded Network Of Auto-Repair Shops In LatAm

  • Cohort 11's Investments

    Fractional Ownership Of Real Estate For Non-Accredited Investors & Provides Liquidity

    Revenue Optimization For The Travel & Hospitality Industries

    Branded Network Of Fertility Centers & Diagnostic / Genetic Testing Labs

  • Cohort 10's Investments

    A Sex Brand Platform: Devices, Products, Healthcare, & Entertainment

    Cryogenically Freezing Organs & Tissue For Transplants

    Aircraft Designed For Large Cargo Over Far Distances

    Manufacturing Space to Earth Products

    Cohort 9's Investments

    Air Delivery of Packages via Self Guided Missile System

    Modernizing Commodity Trading

    Frictionless Checkout


    Fast Casual Restaurant Brand Optimized Using Robotics

    Sourcing, Compliance, & Quality Control For Retailers To Buy From Brands Globally

    Cohort 8's Investments

    Autonomous Driving Tractors For Farms

    Sexual Wellness Brand For Before, During, & After Sex

    Cybersecurity At The Microprocessor Level

    Virtual Bank For The Gig Economy

    Data Optimization For Edge Computing


  • Cohort 7's Investments

    Lab Grown Blood At Scale

    Modular Office Spaces

    New Computing Platform Using Contact Lenses

  • Cohort 6's Investments

    Telehealth Solution For Cervical Cancer

    Platform For Financial Institutions To Build Solutions For Their Customers

    Making Lab Grown Meats Affordable To Produce At Scale

    Data Infrastructure For The Space Industry

  • Cohort 5's Investments

    Lab Grown Fish Meat = Clean Meat

    Beer Distributor, Ecommerce Platform, Physical Retailer, & Wholesaler

    3D Printing In Space

    Gas Station In Space

  • Cohort 4's Investments

    Advanced Computer Chips & Satellites To Provide Universal Low-Cost Access To The Internet

    Credit Card Designed For Relocating Professionals Internationally

    Marketing Platform To Engage Current Customers via SMS

    Highly Engaging & Entertaining Football Experience

    Male Birth Control

  • Cohort 3's Investments

    The "Bloomberg" For Crypto And Blockchain Exchanges

    Wholesale Marketplace For Cannabis Products

    End-To-End AI Platform For Real Estate Management

    AML/KYC For Financing Services Using Blockchain Technology

    Medical Device & Therapy For ALS, PSP, & Alzheimer's

    The "Uber" For Motorbikes In Latin America

  • Cohort 2's Investments

    Telecom Network Optimization

    Marketplace Connecting Individuals To Lawyers

    AI Enterprise Assistant For Booking Appointments & Collecting Payments

    Marketplace Connecting Employees in In Asia To Qualified Doctors

    Co-Working Space Designed For Women

    Manufacturing Platform For Affordable Housing Developments

    Marketplace For High Quality & Affordable Healthcare Services Globally

  • Cohort 1's Investments

    Robotic & AI Application For Real Estate

    Marketplace Connecting Individuals To Lawyers

    AI Marketing Platform To Acquire Enterprise Clients

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