• Venture University is currently accepting applications for the Investor Accelerators and Executive Education Programs during the upcoming sessions

    West Cohort Dates: North America, LatAm, & Europe


    • Winter 2024: Jan 15 - Mar 29

    • Spring 2024: Apr 1 - Jun 14

    • Summer 2024: Jun 17 - Aug 30

    • Fall 2024: Sep 30 - Dec 13


    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Jenna Fernandes, Head Of U.S. / LatAm / Europe Admissions

    Email: Jenna@vufund.vc or Schedule A Call

    East Cohort Dates: Asia-Pacific, Middle East, & Africa


    • Winter 2024: Jan 22 - Apr 5

    • Spring 2024: Apr 8 - Jun 21

    • Summer 2024: Jun 24 - Sep 6

    • Fall 2024: Oct 7 - Dec 13


    If you have any questions, please contact:

    Hannah Wang, Head Of Asia-Pacific / Middle East / Africa Admissions

    Email: Hannah@vufund.vc or Schedule A Call

    Available Locations:

    • The Venture Capital Investor Accelerator and VC Education Programs are offered across the West Cohort: North America, LatAm, & Europe, and the East Cohort: Asia-Pacific, Middle East, & Africa. 
    • The Real Estate Private Equity Investor Accelerator and Real Estate PE Education Programs are currently only offered in the U.S. & Europe.
  • Candidate Criteria

    Individuals that participate in Venture University's programs include:

    • Experienced professionals, with backgrounds such as investment banking, consulting, and corporate development
    • Industry experts
    • Angel investors & family offices
    • Emerging fund managers
    • Founders & entrepreneurs
    • Current and recent undergraduates and graduate students
    • A preference for those that have evidence of extraordinary abilities and a track record of exceptional achievement


    Venture University seeks candidates who have:

    • A strong level of intellectual curiosity
    • A passion for innovation
    • Are contrarian and dynamic thinkers
    • Have a desire to invest in and work with disruptive companies that are going after the largest market opportunities that exist and building a better future for humanity
    • Gone against the odds with spectacular success and/or failure and have learned great lessons
    • Have developed an unfair and sustainable competitive advantage
    • Created something from nothing through a creative act or business model
    • Executed something to a large scale with limited resources in a short period of time
    • Uncovered and leveraged secrets within markets
    • Built solutions to hard problems


    Reasons Candidates Attend Venture University:

    • Individuals looking to join a Venture Capital, Growth Equity, or Real Estate Private Equity investment fund as a Analyst, Associate, Principal, or Partner 
    • Emerging fund managers looking to launch their own VC/PE fund 
    • Individuals looking to join or launch a startup studio, startup accelerator, corporate venture fund, or institutional investment fund 
    • Angel investors and family offices looking to professionalize their direct investing strategy in private companies and/or investing as an LP in VC/PE funds 
    • Experienced professionals, who are industry experts in their field, looking to advance their career in the world of corporate business development and innovation, wealth management, investment banking, and consulting

  • Admissions Process

    1. Complete The Application: Candidates interested in applying to Venture University's Investor Accelerators or Executive Education Programs must first complete the application: Apply To VU.


    Applicants can apply to join the Venture Capital Investor Accelerator or the Real Estate Private Equity Investor Accelerator for 3-12 months and start during the Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall session. If a candidate is accepted into one of Venture University's programs they will receive an official acceptance letter offering enrollment into the program and candidates can then enroll in the program by paying a deposit to reserve their spot.


    2. Application Review: Venture University's Admissions team reviews all of the applications it receives and grades the applications based on a number of criteria including prior work experience, industry expertise, academic achievement, potential to have a successful VC/PE career, and proven ability to be extraordinary and exceptional.


    3. Interviews: Once a candidate's application is reviewed, Venture University's Admissions committee will select candidates to have 1-2 interviews to learn more about them and to answer any questions they have about VU's programs.


    4. Acceptance & Enrollment: Venture University has a rolling admission's process, so it is recommended that you apply as early as possible. VU selects only ~30-40 individuals per cohort each quarter.

  • Disclaimer: *Foreign nationals participating in Venture University's program in the United States are not able to receive the profit sharing agreement as part of the Investor Accelerator unless they have a J1 Visa or other type of Visa allowing them to work in the United States. Individuals participating in Venture University's Investor Accelerator program outside of the United States are able to receive the profit sharing agreement. Individuals that participate in and complete the Investor Accelerator receive a profit sharing agreement that is tied to the future performance of the investments made during the program. Individuals that participate in Venture University's programs do not receive an equity stake in Venture University's investment funds or an equity stake in any of Venture University's portfolio companies. If an individual that participates in the Investor Accelerator is an accredited investor, then at Venture University's sole discretion, the individual may be allowed to, but is not required to, nor have any obligation to, invest in Venture University's investment fund or a portfolio company through Venture University's investment fund. There is no guarantee of any return of capital or profits from the investments made, as the risks of investing are high, the future outcomes from the investments are unknown, and could result in a 100% loss of invested capital in the portfolio companies, or result in a small or significant amount of profits for individuals in the Investor Accelerator which will be recognized as income and be taxable.