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  • "At Its Core, Venture Capital is Truly An Apprenticeship Business."

    The Business of Venture Capital by Mahendra Ramsinghani

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    "A Trade School For The Innovation Economy"
    "The Investment Fund That Reinvented The Trade School"
  • Venture University is a multi-stage investment fund that invests initially $20K-$1M+ per company, up to $15M in follow-on rounds, and develops 3-6 investment theses every 4 months.

    Venture University is redefining the value of an investment fund by leveraging a significantly larger investment team that is capable of covering markets broader, deeper, and faster than a typical fund, providing a powerful network that can better support portfolio companies, and offering greater value to LPs.


    Our mission is to generate consistent and superior returns net of fees as a venture capital fund and develop and curate top investor and entrepreneurial talent for the benefit of the innovation ecosystem.

    Venture University offers an Investor Accelerator program to angel investors, family offices, first time fund managers, entrepreneurs, undergraduate and graduate students, experienced professionals, and extraordinary individuals. Investors are sourced from over 5,000+ applications per year (<2% acceptance rate), making it more competitive to get into than the top ivy league schools and MBA programs.


    Individuals that are accepted into the Investor Accelerator program join Venture University's investment team, gain quality investment experience, build a deep network within the industry, and share in the financial upside from the investments made.*

  • "Never Let Your Schooling Get In The Way Of Your Education."

    Mark Twain

  • The Venture University Experience

    Be Like One Of The Sharks On Shark Tank
    With Startups Pitching You Everyday!
    Find Innovative Companies & Invest $20K-$1M+ In Companies
    Build A Network In The Startup & VC/PE Investment World,
    Meet & Co-Invest With Top Tier Investors & Founders
    Learn About Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Entrepreneurship
    Make New Friends, Lasting Memories
    & Join A Powerful Alumni Network

  • Venture University's Program


    Choose To Do 1-3 Sessions: Summer, Fall, & Spring

    Summer (11 Weeks),

    Fall (12 Weeks),

    Spring (15 Weeks)


    Apprenticeship Program

    Join VU's Investment Team. Invest In Seed, VC, & PE Stage Companies



    • Deal Sourcing
    • Meet with Companies & Investors
    • Do Due Diligence
    • Make Investment Recommendations
    • Participate on Investment Committees
    • Support Portfolio Companies

    Academic Program

    Learn About Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, & Entrepreneurship



    • One Week Investment Intensive Academic Bootcamp
    • Multiple Academic Modules That Go In-Depth on Key VC/PE & Entrepreneur Topics

    Financial Upside

    Receive A Profit Sharing Agreement Which Has The Potential To Be Worth Some, All, Or More Than Cost Of Tuition*

  • What's The Real Return On The Cost Of Your Education?

    At Venture University you "learn by doing" by investing the capital of a VC/PE fund and sharing in the profits from the investments made, which has the potential to return some, all, or more than the cost of tuition.

  • Greater Value For The Cost Of Tuition

    "Build Equity In Your Education"!


    Venture University's Program...

    • Is more competitive to get into (<2% acceptance rate) than the top Ivy League, Undergrad, & MBA programs
    • Offers three sessions: Summer, Fall, and Spring.  Individuals can choose to do 1-3 sessions (3 months to 1 year), a shorter amount of time than a 2-4 year undergraduate or 2 year MBA program
    • Is less expensive ($15K-$20K per Session) than the average tuition of a private college, university or MBA program which is $150K-200K ($25K-$40K per Session)
    • Has a greater focus: 100% focused on Angel Investing, Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Entrepreneurship (i.e. no useless classes)
    • Provides quality investment experience.  Join Venture University's investment team and participate in deal sourcing, meeting companies and investors, doing due diligence, investment evaluation, investment recommendation, participating on investment committees, and supporting portfolio companies.  Build a portfolio of 1-15 companies.
    • Enables individuals to build a deep network within the investor and startup industry
    • Is located in key cities: San Francisco. Chicago & New York - Coming soon!  
    • Offers financial upside from the investments made, which has the potential to return some, all, or more than the cost of tuition*
    Comparison: Undergrad vs. MBA vs. Venture University

  • Venture University Sits Between...

  • "They've Read A Bunch of Words, I've Lived A Bunch Of Life."



    Now Accepting Applications!


    San Francisco:

    Investment Apprenticeship & Academic Programs

    Fall 2018 (Sept-Dec)

    Spring 2019 (Jan-Apr)

    Summer 2019 (Jun-Aug)



    Academic Program: Inside The Mind Of A VC Masterclass

    Fall 2018 (Oct 27th-28th, 2018)



    Academic Program: Inside The Mind Of A VC Masterclass

    Spring 2019 (Jan 8th-11th, 2019)