• Investment Apprenticeship Program

    Join Venture University's

    Investment Team

    Gain Quality Investment Experience

    Angel Investors, Family Offices, First Time Fund Managers, Entrepreneurs, Undergrad & Grad Students, Experienced Professionals, & Extraordinary Individuals

    Program Participants

    Receive A Profit Sharing Agreement:

    Potential Future Value = Some, All, or More Than The Total Cost Of The Program

    Financial Upside*

    • Choose To Do 1-3 Sessions (3 Months to 1 Year)

    • Summer = 11 Weeks (Jun-Aug)

    • Fall = 12 Weeks (Sept-Dec)

    • Spring = 15 Weeks (Jan-Apr)

    • Full-Time Program (5 Days per Week, Mon-Fri, ~9am-5pm)

    Program Periods & Schedule

    Limited To 35 Individuals

    Team Size

    San Francisco. NYC Launching Summer 2019!


  • Investment Apprenticeship Program & Schedule

    Schedule: Venture University is a full-time (Monday-Friday, ~9am-5pm+) program and offers 3 sessions: Summer, Fall, and Spring. Individuals can choose to do 1-3 sessions for 3 months to 1 yr.


    Daily Activities: Individuals take on the role of a VC/PE investor guided by investment professionals at Venture University's investment fund. Daily activities include deal sourcing investment opportunities, reviewing pitch decks, meeting with startups, growth stage companies, and investors, conducting due diligence, putting together company evaluations and investment recommendations, participating on investment committees, and strategically supporting portfolio companies via introductions to potential clients, partners, employees, advisors, investors, acquires, etc.


    Lunch Time Speaker Series: There will be a number of scheduled speakers from startup founders, investors, and industry experts. These are 1 hr discussions, fireside chats, or presentations. Note: This is separate from the Academic Programs which includes the Inside The Mind of a VC Masterclass (One Week Academic Intensive Investment Bootcamp) and the Academic Modules (1-4hrs each).


    Investment Teams & Investment Strategy: During the 2nd week, individuals in the Investment Apprenticeship Program form their own investment teams around various industry focuses and investment thesis's

    • Investment Thesis & Strategy

      Develop An Investment Thesis & Strategy: Individuals in the Investment Apprenticeship Program form investment teams with various investment thesis's and develops an overall investment strategy for sourcing the investment opportunities

      • Target 1-6 investments?
      • Industry Focuses? Consumer, Enterprise, Marketplaces, AI / Robotics, Blockchain, Retail, Healthcare, Energy, Media & Entertainment, BioTech, FintTech, EdTech, etc.
      • Geography? US, Europe, Asia, LatAm, Middle East, Africa
      • Source Investment By Channel: Accelerators, Angel Networks, Seed, VC & PE Funds
      • Invest $20K-$1M+ per company? Invest the same or different amounts in each company

    • Investment Process

      Deal Flow: Each week investment teams source deal flow and screen for potential investment opportunities


      Weekly Investment Team Meetings:

      • Review Deals Sourced: Teams discuss top companies sourced and decide to pass or move forward with initial due diligence (first call or meeting with a company and doing initial research)
      • Review Due Diligence: Teams review initial and deeper due diligence and decide if any companies should be considered by the Investment Committee, and if so, submit an investment summary

      Investment Committees:

      • Investment Committee Review & Decision: An investment team presents their investment summary to an Investment Committee that decides to pass, make the investment, or requests deeper due diligence. The Investment Committees are made up of individuals from other investment teams + Investment Associates + Managing Directors.

      Additional Investment In Portfolio Companies: If there is additional availability in an investment round, above and beyond the target allocation from Venture University's investment fund, accredited investors (which may be current individuals in the program, friends of individuals in the program, alumni, and LPs) may invest in the portfolio companies if they invest through Venture University's investment fund.

    • "Build Equity In Your Education"

      With a traditional university, college, masters or MBA program an individual's tuition is a 100% sunk cost, however at Venture University individual's "build equity in their education" by receiving a Profit Sharing Agreement that provides financial upside based on the future performance of the investments made.*

    • Profit Sharing Agreement

      Individuals that participate in and complete Venture University's Investment Apprenticeship Program receive a Profit Sharing Agreement that offers financial upside on the investments made, creating the opportunity for individuals to receive back some, all, or more than the total cost of the Investment Apprenticeship Program.*


      Apprenticeship Program Capital: Venture University contributes capital to a fund for each cohort, which becomes the Apprenticeship Program Capital. Additional capital may be committed from accredited investors in the fund. The Profit Sharing Agreement offers each cohort of individuals in the Investment Apprenticeship Program 80% of the future profits on the Apprenticeship Program Capital on a per portfolio company basis.


      Investing In The Fund: If an Individual that participates in the Investment Apprenticeship Program is an accredited investor, then at their option, with no obligation, during their program period, at Venture University's sole discretion, and based on capital availability in an investment, an Individual may be allowed to invest in Venture University's fund, and shall not be charged any management fee or carried interest.

    • Financial Upside: Examples

      Below are examples provided for explanatory purposes only. Actual details and results may vary per program.

      Investment Fund: A Venture University cohort of 35 individuals invests in 5 companies, investing $1,000,000 across the five companies ($200K per company). Venture University contributes $300K in Apprenticeship Program Capital to the fund and $700K is contributed by other accredited investors.


      Five Investments: The fund invests in five companies at $200K each ($60K per company from the Apprenticeship Program Capital, $140K per investment from other Accredited Investor Capital).


      Future Outcomes: At some point in the future, the five portfolio companies exit via acquisitions or IPOs, and return 0x, 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x capital invested, for an average return of 3x capital invested, turning $1M into $3M.


      Profit Sharing:

      Apprenticeship Program Capital: Based on this scenario each of the 35 individuals that participated in Venture University's Investment Apprenticeship Program would receive ~$15K, sharing 80% of the profits from the Apprenticeship Program Capital, returning ~1x the cost of the Investment Apprenticeship Program.*

      Below Is A Financial Model Of The Above Profit Sharing Examples