• Tour Venture University & Live In San Francisco / Hong Kong

    Venture University has offices in San Francisco and Hong Kong. Watch VU's video tour videos below or contact us to schedule a time to come visit in-person in San Francisco or Hong Kong.

  • VU's Offices

    San Francisco Office: 1700 Montgomery St. Location: Near Pier 39, overlooking the water, a few blocks from the Financial District.


    Hong Kong Office: 43 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong. Location: In the central financial district of Hong Kong.

  • “I’ve gotten more hands on experience than I could ever have expected. After 11 weeks, it felt like we’ve been here for 11 months! We were able to go through the entire investment process from deal sourcing, due diligence, to making investments, and we developed critical skills you can only get by doing the job of a VC/PE Investor”

    Yvonne Okaforience, Cohort 2 Member

  • Live in San Francisco, Hong Kong, & NYC, Or Attend Virtually From Anywhere

    Have you wanted to visit or live in San Francisco or Hong Kong? Do you currently live in or around San Francisco or Hong Kong?


    VU can recommend hotel and housing options within a short distance from VU's offices.


    Individuals can attend VU's Investor Accelerators and Education Programs both in-person at VU's offices, selected venues, or virtually from anywhere via Zoom.


    Venture Capital Investor Accelerator & Education Programs:

    For individual's interested in a more immersive experience they can live in San Francisco or Hong Kong for part or all of the Investor Accelerator Program and work out of VU's San Francisco and/or Hong Kong offices.


    Some cohort members move to San Francisco or Hong Kong for 3-12 months during the program to benefit from getting the most in-person investment experience and engagement with the investment team and to build a strong local network.


    Other cohort members fly to San Francisco or Hong Kong for the first week of the program to do: The Welcome Dinner, The VC Masterclass, Cohort Bonding Escape Room, and the last week of the program to do: The VU Alumni Event, REVERSE DEMO DAY, and the Napa Wine Trip, in order to meet with cohort members and the investment team.


    Real Estate Private Equity Investor Accelerator & Education Programs:

    Individual's can attend the Real Estate PE Masterclass in-person in NYC at a selected venue. VU currently doesn't have a NYC office, but may open an NYC office in the future. Given NYC is the epicenter of real estate, some cohort members move to NYC during the 3-12 months of program. Individuals can also use VU's San Francisco and Hong Kong offices during the program and are invited during the last week of the program in San Francisco to join the The VU Alumni Event, REVERSE DEMO Day, and the Napa Wine Trip, to network across VU's Venture Capital & Real Estate Private Equity Alumni network.