• VC/PE Job Recruiting

    - Hire Venture University Alumni

  • VC/PE Job Recruiting

    Each quarter VU engages with Venture Capital and Real Estate Private Equity funds in a VC/PE Job Recruiting process, where Venture Capital and Real Estate Private Equity funds schedule times to interview top curated VU candidates based on the criteria of the role that they are hiring for: job title, location, vertical focus, investment stage, etc. Investment groups submit jobs and VU matches 3-6 VU cohort members and VU alumni.


    If you're hiring for Venture Capital roles or Real Estate Private Equity roles, VU can help curate top talent for you to hire on your investment team.

    Saves time going through hundreds of applications yourself, as VU can curate 3-6 top candidates for you to interview.

    VU's admissions team screens thousands of applications each year and selects the top 1-2% of candidates to be part of Venture University's Investor Accelerator Programs, where they are trained with the critical skills in deal sourcing, conducting due diligence, investment evaluation, presenting at weekly Partner Meetings, Management Meetings, Investment Committees, and helping their portfolio companies succeed. VU alumni also come with an initial track record of making investments and have vertical focused industry expertise.

    The Perfect Match. VU can help you recruit for all levels of positions: Interns, Analysts, Associates, Principals, Partners, Partners, and Portfolio Support Managers.

    Each quarter VU selects top cohort members to join its venture capital fund (VU Venture Partners) and join one of the 7 vertical focused investment teams: Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier, Healthcare, PropTech, & Web3, where they build industry expertise in evaluating companies.


    The cohort members backgrounds range in age (20's to 50's), diversity (with a high percent of women and underrepresented minorities), geograpghic location, and industry expertise, which makes it easier to find a perfect match for the position you're hiring for.

    Add Top Talent To Your Investment Team With Unfair & Sustainable Competitive Advantages

    Hiring a candidate from Venture University has many benefits, including:

    • Gain access to a proprietary network 650+ VU alumni working at other VC/PE funds, Fund of Funds, Family officers, accelerators, incubators, etc.
    • VU's powerful alumni base of investors grows by ~150 people each year creating both a unfair and sustainable competitive advantage for the candidate you hire for your fund for accessing deal flow, due diligence capabilities, and co-investors.
    • Venture University alumni are some of the most sought after candidates in the VC/PE industry to join an investment team and ~66% receive VC/PE job offers within 12 months of graduating.