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    Venture University is an Investor Accelerator (vs. a Startup Accelerator), so rather than having startups pitch at DEMO DAY, we have the investors within the cohort present at a quarterly REVERSE DEMO DAY, where they present the opportunitiies they selected to invest in and explain why they chose to invest.


    VU's Venture Capital fund, VU Venture Partners, has six vertical investment teams: Consumer, Enterprise, Fintech, Frontier, Healthcare, & PropTech.


    VU's Real Estate Private Equity fund, VU Capital Partners, has 4 vertical investment teams: Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate, and REITs.


    Over the 11 week Investor Accelerator cohort members source investment opportunities, meet with investors, conduct due diligence, and invest in ~2-4 new venture capital portfolio companies and ~1-3 follow-on investments, and 1-2 real estate investments each quarter.


    During REVERSE DEMO DAY each investment team shares their key findings and insights from their due diligence for why they said "yes" to invest.

    VU's cohort members includes three types of investors:

    Individuals looking to break into VC/PE as Analysts, Associates, Principals, and Partners.

    Emerging fund managers, angel investors, and family offices looking to improve their VC/PE investment skills

    Entrepreneurs looking to join new startrup opportunities or start their next innovative company

    Why Attend REVERSE DEMO DAY?


    Are you looking to hire Analysts, Associates, Principals, or Partners to join your investment team?

    If you're an investment group that is hiring submit the jobs you're hiring for and VU will curate 3-6 top candidates from our current cohort and VU alumni to interview for your job positions.


    Are You An Investor?

    Learn about VU's upcoming investments in venture capital and real estate private equity that you can co-invest in through Bonded - VU's Investor Syndicate. Join Bonded - VU's Investor Syndicate by completing this form.


    Are You An Entrepreneur Raising Capital? 

    Pitch VU's Investment Team


    Are You Looking For Job Opportunities?

    View available jobs across VU's portfolio companies


    Are You A Corporation Looking For Innovative Partnerships?

    Come learn about VU's innovative portfolio companies that recently raised capital and see if there are any strategic partnership or investment opportunities with these companies.