The VU Experience & VU Family





  • "I was excited when I got the offer to join Venture University, but now that I'm here, this experience is even better than what I could have ever expected. I don't want to leave. This program is incredible!"

    Josh Rieders, Cohort 3

  • The Investor Life

    Once you start at VU, you're now a Venture Capital / Private Equity Investor! Welcome to this side of the world! It's intellectually challenging & more fun!


    Every Day You'll Be Taking On The Role Of A VC/PE Investor, which means your days will be filled with:

    • Sourcing and evaluating venture capital or real estate investment opportunities
    • Meeting with startup founders or real estate owners, & key industry players  
    • Meeting with venture capital investors, angel investors, family offices, or real estate investors and institutional investors
    • Weekly Partner Meetings, vertical focused Mangement Team Meetings, & Investment Committees
    • VC/PE Networking Events
    • Note: Many people come away saying, "this is the best experience that they have ever had", especially if they have a high level of intellectual curiosity, are dynamic thinkers, and have the stamina interest to see and review many opportunities.


    No Busy Work! Get Real Investment Experience.

    • VU's Investment Apprenticeship Program is not an internship, fellowship, or scout program. You will get signifcantly more experience and gain higher quality investment experience as VU's Investment Apprenticeship provides individuals with a more senior level role within a VC/PE fund.
    • You will not be getting anyone coffee other than yourself (unless you want to be nice!) and you won't have late nights formatting and making edits to presentations or excel models (you will feel bad for your banker and consulting friends!). You control your on own schedule and work closely with the investment team.
    • You get to decide what investment opportunities are presented at weekly Partner Meetings, which investment opportunities are brought to the Investment Committee, and you get to participate on all venture capital or real estate private equity Investment Committees.


    Networking Is Your Job: Exponentially grow your network within the VC/PE industry by sourcing investment opportunities and building relationships that can lead to job offers.


    Make Investments & Share In The Financial Upside:

    • Make Real Investments With Real Capital: You're not equity research analyst (unlike other programs) drafting market landscapes and opportunity overviews. You'll actually be investing in companies and building an investment track record.
    • VU Invests Out Of Two Types Of Entities:
    • VU's Investor Syndicate - Bonded Capital: A network of 3,000+ angel investors and family offices, who invest on a deal-by-deal basis through SPVs VU creates. Investors can invest a minimum of $5,000 and need to be accredited investors or qualified purchasers.
    • VU also invests out of its committed capital funds.
    • Share In The Financial Upside: Each cohort member in VU's Investment Apprenticeship Programs receives a Profit Sharing Agreement to share in the financial upside from the investments their cohort selects.
    • Co-Invest: If you're an accredited investor and you're part of VU's Investment Apprenticeship Program you'll have the opportunity co-invest alongside VU's investment funds and have the management fees and carried interest waived.

  • “It’s harder to get into VC than becoming an NFL player. If you want to know how it feels to play in the big leagues, Venture University is the only place that can provide you that experience.”

    Vitor Lima, Cohort 2 Member

  • The VU Family

    • Tight-Knight Family: VU is tight-knit family of individuals, with a common bond, that help each other succeed.


    • High Quality Alumni Network: Joining a Venture University means you're joining a group of peers with impressive backgrounds & experiences


    • Insider VC/PE Investor Network: Greater than >50% of VU Alumni are working within the VC/PE industry creating a powerful network of inside investors across VC/PE funds, family offices, angel investors, and industry experts


    • Long-Tail Value That Pays Dividends: VU provides a long-tail value with engagement from VU alumni and VU's investment team that leads to dividends for years to come with access to top deal flow, due diligence capabilities, and properietary job opportunities


    • Support After VU: Continue to receive support from VU's investment team and alumni when you're investing in new opportunities, negogiating terms, raising a fund, career and business advice, looking to hire individuals for your team, etc.


    • Constantly Learning: Access updates to VU's Education Programs and Fireside Chats to learn from VU's investment team, other VC/PE Investors, startup founders, top industry experts, & academic professors.