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    Break-In & Accelerate Your Career Within Venture Capital & Real Estate Private Equity


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  • Career Strategy

    • Develop A Career Strategy: VU helps you build a customized career strategy and plan to break into the VC/PE industry at all levels from Analyst to Partner.


    • Mentorship: Receive mentorship and support in executing your career goals from VU's team and VU alumni.


    • Resume & LinkedIn Updates: VU will work with you to update your resume and LinkedIn profile with your role at VU Venture Partners (VU's venture capital fund) or VU Capital Partners (VU's private equity fund) as an Analyst, Associate, Principal, or Venture Partner / Partner-In-Residence, and outline the investment experience and skills you have as a venture capital and private equity investor.


    • Become An Emerging Fund Manager: Develop your thesis and strategy for your fund, find team members to join your fund, and learn how to launch your own SPVs (Special Purpose Vehicles) and/or committed investment fund using VU's fund adminstration platform Finally Fund Admin.


    • VC/PE Job Recruiting: Gain access to highly sought after exclusive VC/PE job opportunities. Each quarter VU receives requests from VC/PE funds, family offices, accelerators, and recruiters to recommend VU cohort members and VU alumni for roles that they are hiring for. VU then matches VU candidates with job opportunities and then makes introductions. VC/PE funds submit the jobs they are hiring for here.


    • Job Interview Preparation: VU's team will prepare with you for the interviews scheduled by going over the hiring funds team, strategy, and portfolio.


    • Case Studies: VU alumni have been interviewed and hired at many of the venture capital and private equity funds in the industry and we are familar with the interview process and case study tests you can practice in advance.


    • Job Reference & Recommendations: VU can provide a job reference and recommendation for you based on your experience and activity in the Investment Apprenticeship program.

  • "I am extremely grateful for being part of the VU family and getting direct VC experience, which is something completely unheard of, especially for someone at my age (still in college) and others who recently graduated from undergrad or an MBA. The Investor Accelerator is not an "internship", it is so much more than that, because VU allows you to operate at a more senior level, gaining real experience sourcing your own deals, doing your own due diligence, and deciding which deals you want to bring to the Investment Committee. VU's team also dedicates so much more to your personal growth than what you would get from an internship."

    Faizan Ahmed, Cohort 7

  • Career Development

    • Gain High-Quality Investment Experience Over 3-12 Months: Join VU Venture Partners (VU's venture capital fund) or VU Capital Partners (VU's private equity fund) as an Analyst, Associate, Principal, or Venture Partner / Partner-In-Residence as part of VU's Venture Capital Investment Apprenticeship and Real Estate Investment Apprenticeship.


    Develop Skills: Focus on deal sourcing, due diligence, investment evualution across market sizing, team, value proposition, mangutitude of improvement, ROI, key risks, core metrics, financial analysis, competition, unfair and sustainable advantages, co-investors, investment terms, and potential financial return.


    • Develop Your Career In Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry As Both As A Vertical Expert & As A Generalist: Choose to be part of a vertical focused investment team to develop vertical expertise in venture capital (Consumer, Enterprise, FinTech, Frontier, Healthcare, PropTech, & Web3) and real estate private equity (Residential Real Estate, Commercial Real Estate, Industrial Real Estate) in order to have an advantage when applying and interviewing at VC/PE funds. You will also gain the benefit of being a generalist by having exposure to all verticals by participating in weekly Partner Meetings and Investment Committees and reviewing and evaluating all investment opportuntities.


    Build A Investment Track Record: Start making venture capital and real estate private equity investments. Make ~2-28 venture capital investments over 3-12 months as part of VU's Venture Capital Investment Apprenticeship. Make ~1-6 real estate private equity investments over 3-12 months as part of VU's Real Estate Private Investment Apprenticeship.


    • Person Brand Development: Develop your personal brand via blog articles, social media posts, showcase investment theses, and speak at events


    • Networking: VU offers multiple networking opportunities during and after VU's Investor Accelerator Programs including: Fireside Chats, Quarterly Investor Deal Flow Sharing Meetings, VU Hosted Investor Networking Events, VC/PE Industry Events, VU Alumni & VU Alumni Events, and VU REVERSE DEMO DAY Events.

  • Disclaimer: *Foreign nationals participating in Venture University's program in the United States are not able to receive the profit sharing agreement as part of the Investor Accelerator unless they have a J1 Visa or other type of Visa allowing them to work in the United States. Individuals participating in Venture University's Investor Accelerator program outside of the United States are able to receive the profit sharing agreement. Individuals that participate in and complete the Investor Accelerator receive a profit sharing agreement that is tied to the future performance of the investments made during the program. Individuals that participate in Venture University's programs do not receive an equity stake in Venture University's investment funds or an equity stake in any of Venture University's portfolio companies. If an individual that participates in the Investor Accelerator is an accredited investor, then at Venture University's sole discretion, the individual may be allowed to, but is not required to, nor have any obligation to, invest in Venture University's investment fund or a portfolio company through Venture University's investment fund. There is no guarantee of any return of capital or profits from the investments made, as the risks of investing are high, the future outcomes from the investments are unknown, and could result in a 100% loss of invested capital in the portfolio companies, or result in a small or significant amount of profits for individuals in the Investor Accelerator which will be recognized as income and be taxable.